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Do you find yourself unhappy more often than you would like? Does it feel like too much work to enjoy things? Do most parts of your day feel like a constant struggle?

Navigating depression is incredibly difficult. If it goes on too long, it can become a cycle of: low mood, low energy, and negative thinking which can lead to isolation and loneliness that feeds this cycle.

At C4G Psychotherapy, we work together to stop this cycle. We help you make meaningful changes that will give you freedom, choice and empowerment that sets you on a path to feeling better and happier.


Do you find yourself constantly on edge and worried?

Does your heart race, chest hurt and shoulders feel tighter than you’d like?

Do you feel so preoccupied in your worry that you are unable to experience anything else?

Excessive worry can prevent you from living life.

Finding the right support is key; at C4G Psychotherapy, we will help you manage your anxiety and provide you with the support and tools you need to better connect with yourself and start living more!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Are you overwhelmed by unwanted thoughts, images, or urges? Do these make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable? Are you having trouble moving on with a task because you need to check and recheck it? Do your repetitive actions keep you from doing the things you really want to or are meaningful to you?

Understanding what is driving this pattern can help you gain control of your life. At C4G Psychotherapy, our therapists are dedicated to helping you decrease your worry so you can feel more calm and relaxed.


Are you feeling trapped and stuck? Does it feel like something is holding you back, keeping you from growing or taking action that could lead to a more fulfilling life?

Sometimes things happen in our lives that cause extreme amounts of distress and emotional pain. This can be through major losses, tragic events or even through life’s transitions.

Whether it’s one thing or many things, these can leave you feeling overwhelmed, empty, fearful of loss and unable to connect.

At C4G Psychotherapy, we prioritize creating a warm, safe space so you can begin to nurture the parts of you that have been ignored and hurt. Helping you heal is our mission.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you experienced an event, or multiple events, where your life was in danger, or felt like it was? Do you find yourself living life in avoidance, have repeated thoughts that seem forced, or feel disconnected?

PTSD can also show up as difficulty sleeping, difficulty relaxing, and often difficulty trusting your surroundings. All this may be causing problems that are reflected in your work, school, social, and family life.

At C4G Psychotherapy, it is important for us to create a safe, nurturing and consistent space where you can begin to face these troubling experiences and feel ok being vulnerable.

Sleep Issues

Is your worry about sleep keeping you up at night?
There are many things that can make it difficult for you to sleep well and can significantly impact the quality of sleep you get.

At C4G Psychotherapy, we believe strongly in the mind and body connection. We will help you take care of your mind so that you can take better care of your body. Let us help you get the zzz’s you need, medication-free so you can walk through your day with clarity.

Chronic Pain

Are you in pain? Does it feel like you can never get full relief?

Chronic pain can cause exhaustion, poor sleep, or mood swings and interfere with your everyday routines and rob you of life enjoyment. We work with you to manage this journey by helping you with the tools and steps you need to accept that some days are not going to be ok and help you live better during the between times.

At C4G Psychotherapy, we believe in holistic care and strive to connect the mind and body. We work with you to manage your stress and uncover the emotional pathways that can help you find relief.

Addictive Behaviors

Can any behavior be addictive? The short answer is “yes.”

Too much of anything can become a problem.

Do you find yourself doing something and wondering “why can’t I stop?”

Patterns of addictive behavior may involve drinking, smoking, drugs, eating, stealing, gambling, shopping, and sexual behaviors.

Addictive behaviors continue, even when you know they are a problem until you are able to find an alternative path that is better. This will help you break free from the destructive patterns of addiction and retrain your brain’s reward centers. C4G Psychotherapy can help identify your patterns and work with you to develop healthy alternatives to meet your needs.

ADD, ADHD, and Attention Problems

Do you struggle with poor attention and concentration? Do you find this leads to behavioral problems?

Typically ADHD or attention related problems are treated with medications, but the medications only help as long as you are taking them.

C4G Psychotherapy is invested in helping you experience lasting change through the gentle support and coaching of our therapists. We help you learn strategies to regulate your brain and experience improved concentration and focus, decreased distractibility, and decreased impulsivity.

Disruptive Behavior

Does your child have behavior problems? Are they unable to control their emotions and focus on learning? Do they often have outbursts out of the blue, seem inflexible and disrupt daily routines?

About 10 percent of school-aged kids struggle with mental health problems. In a typical class of 20-24 students, one or two are usually facing serious stressors. Often they are clingy or socially disengaged, sleepy or irritable, argue incessantly and show difficulties in remaining calm and focused.

At C4G Psychotherapy, we understand child behavior as a form of communication; their attempt at solving a problem. It’s important for us to understand what is causing or driving the problem behaviors. We will work with you and your child to understand what triggers them to become disruptive and why. We will help devise a plan of care for school teachers that outlines how to intervene effectively before the child’s behaviors become too chronic. We can help parents and kids live with more calm.


This is a term coined to describe individuals experiencing lingering long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

Did you contract COVID-19 and have ongoing symptoms of:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Loss or change in taste and smell
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • "Brain fog"

Long COVID is a chronic medical condition that can cause many mental health symptoms like depression, anxiety or trauma reactions primarily due to the unpredictability and no end in sight of the pandemic or the virus.

At C4G Psychotherapy we are concerned about your complete wellness and will help you develop strategies to cope with the unknowns of COVID-19 and manage the despair and emotional fatigue of the pandemic.

Family Culture Conflicts

Do you come from an immigrant family background?

Does your family atmosphere seem like a war zone where truly showing yourself means becoming vulnerable to attacks and disownment?

Are you often feeling your traditional family values are clashing with the life you want to live?

You shouldn’t have to choose between yourself and your family. C4G Psychotherapy offers a specialized FamilyWise Program that is mindful and sensitive towards the cultural values and rules of your family but also helps you manage the traumas directly resulting from multi-generational and multi-cultural conflicts.

At C4G Psychotherapy, our priority is to help you live life better. This means understanding what your needs are and meeting those needs. We want to ensure you are being seen and heard in ways that are true and meaningful to you.

There is only one you – and you matter.